KIOS Seminar - Smart Analytics and Innovative Technologies for Improving Efficiency of Water Distribution Networks

On Monday, 07 October 2019, we had the opportunity to attend the talk of Mr Pavlos Pavlou, Researcher at KIOS Centre of Excellence,  in the framework of the official KIOS Seminars series.

Mr Pavlou walked us through a number of very interesting and innovative algorithms being developed at KIOS, to facilitate the modeling, state estimation and event detection in drinking water systems. More specifically, the talk highlighted the challenges of the water systems where the extended periods of water scarcity and short supply of fresh water combined with the increasing water consumption is creating an unbalance situation between water demand and supply. Water hydraulic and quality models are the essential tools required to monitor and manage water distribution networks (WDN). A software-plugin integrated with the EPANET software tool is being developed, aiming to reduce the complexity of the original water network models and facilitate the state estimation and other algorithms that minimize water loss with pressure control.

The WaterAnalytic project was presented as one of the currently running key projects of KIOS in Water Systems, which makes use of the presented innovative research results in commercial applications.